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Next let’s talk about Insurance and how important it is to your business and your family. Especially at this time in life. I would love to do a survey and see how many people actually had Insurance when the pandemic hit the United States. I’m sure the numbers could have been higher. I don’t know the exact amount so I’m speculating there were a lot of people looking for health insurance AFTER the pandemic hit the U.S. than BEFORE.

I’ve been an agent for almost 12 years and it’s unbelievable the amount of people I have spoken to who feel it’s not necessary to have Health insurance or Life insurance. Education is key to any service being used or bought and I think it’s my duty as an agent to touch on this topic so there’s an understanding of how insurance really works and how inexpensive it is to have it than not to have it. There are so many supplemental plans out there that can help reduce out of pocket costs to help keep some money in your pocket.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Marketing and Lead Generation I‘m sure you’re wondering how does an Insurance agent talk about Marketing and Lead Generation in a blog? That would be because that’s what we spend most of our time doing! As independent business owners we are responsible for paying for leads to generate sales, cold calling and door knocking etc..you name it we’re encouraged to do it to make money. I found a less expensive way to market to my prospects and earn a larger return without as much effort. One of them is creating blog content which may be a task for some.

It’s still work but it’s rewarding work unlike the ones I mentioned before. As an independent business owner I found that the budget needed for procuring leads and the conversion rate for those leads wasn’t really worth it, so I invested my money elsewhere and I market for myself. I share this with you because if your a small business, or you’re just starting you know how expensive it can be to get clients.I am willing to help for an affordable price. As I said it’s still work and time is money. If your interested reach out and let’s talk, I would love to see what I can do to help.

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This is the first blog for Redmond Consulting LLC and there will be many more to come. As I said in the beginning, our Blog will cover financial topics and regular day to day topics. We would be happy to have you come back and visit our site. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions, as long as they’re not spam,Come Back and visit we’ll let the world see what you think.


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