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Redmond Consulting LLC was created in 2019 to assist businesses with insurance, and other professional services. Our goal and focus is to help business owners, with a small budget or with challenged credit achieve their dream of being a business owner. That is a dream that we have accomplished, and the best way to attain success is by helping others become successful.

Redmond Consulting offers Insurance & Business Consulting for Small Businesses and Start-Ups. We consult with Entrepreneurs, and Small Business owners to overcome challenges with starting a business, as well as assisting with ways to build business credit. We educate our clients about business and life insurance. We support small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs by assessing what their needs are, and offering marketing and lead generation solutions that are tailored to their business needs.

Redmond Consulting in conjunction with I AM Business utilizes a successful program which will help you start and build your business credit so that you may find financing to build your business without using your personal credit. Once your business credit has tradelines we take the steps to assist you with obtaining a business loan.

A strong part of our business is insurance and at Redmond Consulting we work with professional licensed insurance agents who will work with you to help select, the best health, life, or supplemental insurance for your  business needs. We also offer low cost pet insurance for those pet parents who are looking for an alternative to their current plan or who don’t have any at all on their furry friends.

As a small business, when Redmond Consulting was started, marketing was mandatory and the budget for marketing was limited. We learned there are many inexpensive and different marketing strategies that can be used to grow your business and brand. If your a small business owner or an entrepreneur with a budget, we don’t mind sharing. If you need help with marketing and lead generation for your business we can assist you with finding services tailored specifically for your budget.

At Redmond Consulting our dedication is to our clients well-being first and foremost. We are here to help all of our clients succeed in all aspects of their business, professional, and financial growth.

We’re here to help so let us know how we can help you.

Online courses

Coming Soon!
We will have a few courses on Financial services and how to repair credit, different ways to get a business loan and the benefits of having Insurance. We’ll also share free Marketing tips.


Will start when it’s safe to be together again.


Our consultations are Free. We will consult with you over the phone and advise you on the best ways to repair your credit, how to  acquire  funding for your business or personally. Which health or life insurance policy is best for you, lead generation, and marketing for your business.

Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say about us!

Lakeisha Miller

Great information given during our meeting. Ms.Redmond is very knowledgeable in insurance prep and very patient while helping my family and I get what we wanted as well as what we needed. She was very intuitive and I’m glad we chose Redmond Consulting!

Stephanie Stevens-owner of sds legacy group

I have been working with Marci and Redmond Consulting for the past year, and I can sincerely say that the services are great. When you are starting out a business, marketing or creating a brand can be a little intimidating. So you will need someone to guide you along the way, so that your goals can be eventually achieved. Ms. Redmond is a great listener which helps immensely And the final products were always delivered on a very prompt and professional manner. Would use them again.

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