Are you aware that 21%-58% of the population have a good credit score? That leaves 42%-79% of the population with fair, poor, or bad credit. According to Fox news there are 68 million people who have challenged credit. How frustrating is it to have experienced a time when you had a financial crisis and it demolished your credit? You are not alone, I am one of those people and I am also a member of the Credit Rebuild program. It’s truly fascinating! My score has risen from the low 500’s to above 600 within 30 days and it’s still rising.
That is why I’m passionate about sharing this credit rebuild program with you! We can help you repair and rebuild strong personal credit so you can gain financial freedom without wasting time and money on “Outdated” risky credit repair tactics that don’t work. We will help you build your personal credit first and then help you get a loan whether it’s for personal or business reasons.
If you decide to move forward and complete the credit repair program we have a lifetime guarantee on deleted accounts so if they reappear we’ll work to get them off your report again. You will have access to a client portal with your own dedicated username and password which will be generated once you’ve completed the funding application.
You can’t pay your bills on time-Your credit score will drop again
Have unrealistic expectations and looking for overnight results-Not possible
Can’t stick to a plan and NOT committed to changing your credit-You need to be dedicated to making it work
Aren’t willing to make the necessary investment and “Trust The Process.”-That’s all we ask
Looking for cheaply priced, low quality, outdated credit repair strategies-There’s a lot out there, but we’re not them
We don’t want to waste your time, or ours 
If your serious about improving or rebuilding your credit there are 5 steps you need to follow. We will get you the money you need for whatever you want to do with it. You can open a business, keep the business you already have up and running, or pay off all of your debt. Read below as I go through the steps and if it’s not too complicated, schedule a call with me for a consultation. Have questions? Read the FAQ’s below.
Still have questions? Contact us

Five Steps to Success

Step One-Consultation

Schedule a 20 minute introductory consultation.
We need to determine if we’re a good fit for one another. I’m dedicated to helping you rebuild your credit, but how serious are you about building it?
If so, then complete the consultation form below, answer a few important questions and book an appointment to talk about your goals for your credit.

Step Two-Audit your credit report

We need to go over your credit report. If you don’t have a credit report with 3 scores, you can get a copy for as little as $1 by signing up for a 7 day trial with IdentityIQ, a recommended third party credit monitoring company.
Once an account is created you will text your login credentials(username, password and last 4 of social) to 800-587-3173. We will then do a line by line audit of your credit and explain what needs to be done.
We will go over the report together and look for common errors like outdated information, negative and derogatory accounts, incorrect loan amounts, and more.
These mistakes can be used as leverage to legally remove negative accounts, even if you didn’t pay. Text your login information to 800.587.3173.

Step Three-We create a Custom plan for you

Once your credit audit is completed we’ll create a custom plan to rebuild your credit. A strategy that’s specific to your needs and goals, so that you don’t waste time or money.
If necessary the process may include opening new credit accounts and raising your credit limit on existing accounts.

Step Four-Start the credit rebuilding process

As part of your credit transformation process, we’ll dispute negative accounts that are harming your credit.
Over 79% of credit reports have errors, and we’ll leverage those mistakes to force the credit agencies to legally remove anything that’s inaccurate, unverifiable, or outdated.
Our goal is to have your disputes prepared and sent out within 24 hours after you become a member.

Step Five-Follow up and monitor the progress

Within the first 30 days you’ll get results from credit reporting agencies and creditors sent directly to you in the mail. Upon receipt of your results, you’ll upload the results to your online secured portal, so we can review and respond accordingly.
You can conveniently monitor your progress online 24/7. We recommend that you expect between a 3–6 month minimum participation to experience the full effectiveness of the credit transformation process.
The credit rebuild program is not an overnight process, it takes time, patience and persistence.

Final Step-Get you Funded

Our team of coaches are real people with real experience, here to help you make your best financial decisions yet.
Efficient access to multiple SBA lenders outside of your bank, increasing the chances of your application getting seen.
From your first interaction with us, through to your funding approval (and beyond), a small business advisor will be there to answer your questions and ensure that everything is done correctly.

this is the most important step!!!


Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on your credit situation it can take 30-90 days before your score is 700+, however you will start seeing a change in your score within 15-30 days after signing up.

That would be nice wouldn’t it? There is a small deposit due 30 days after signing up which is refunded after you receive funding. 

We do however it may take a little longer to see a jump in your score. It also depends on how long the bankruptcy was discharged and what type of judgement.

The funding is for both! So, Yes you can! Once your credit is rebuilt we will work with you to see how much money you qualify for and work with you to get funding for your business.

If you have more questions we’re happy to answer them! Contact us here

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