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First let me tell you what we aren’t:
We are not Financial Advisors, we are not licensed to advise you how to spend, or invest your money, we do not make commission on any investments, or anything pertaining to how you utilize your money to generate more money. 
Now let me tell you who we are and how we can help you:
We are Financial Consultants which means we will provide you with the information and tools to achieve your goal.
Our Financial Consulting service will consult with you about your financial goals, find out when you would like to start working toward those goals, then connect you to the best and most affordable options available to you.
Start a business-What kind of business would you like to start? LLC, INC, Sole proprietor? Starting a business can be confusing and expensive if you don’t know where to start. If you’re finding it difficult to start let our Financial consulting service¬† do the work for you. We’ll help you decide what is the best way to file your business with the state once you decide what your business will be. Any business starts out with expenses and forming your business shouldn’t have you spending¬† thousands of dollars out of pocket, before it’s started.
Extra Income– We all want extra income, but how do we want to obtain it? Work from home? Start a business? Get another job? Whichever way you want to add extra money to your household we can help. Part of our job will be to find out what you’re looking for, and connect you with either work from home jobs, or business opportunities that will help put a couple of extra dollars in your pocket.
Taxes-Need your taxes filed? Haven’t filed in a while? We work with accountants who are affordable and diligent in preparing taxes.
P&C Insurance-Need P&C insurance, for your car, or home? We’re connected to P&C brokers who work with large companies but won’t charge you large prices.
Our Financial Consulting Service includes a network of programs, people and places to help you achieve your financial goals. We don’t mind sharing!
Please visit our Prices page for our consulting fees.


Please note that if your not in agreement we can not move forward with the process.
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