Lead Generation

Lead Generation
I’ve been in the insurance industry for 10 years and lead generation has always been a challenge. I have knocked on doors, cold called, email blasts, and bought leads to find prospects. 
I found buying leads to be very expensive and calling was time consuming. I have purchased A leads, and B leads and very few of those converted to clients.
I tried Email blasts but that wasn’t productive since most of my emails bounced or I was put on a spam list. Not to mention it can be daunting and there’s no guarantee the email will be looked at, nonetheless read.
Texting was the easiest because I just paid a company to do it, but the return wasn’t as great because prospects have to give permission to receive texts and I got more STOPS than inquiries or calls. Of course you have to pay per text with some companies and that can be another expense.
I then hired a marketing company, I thought that might work better and bring in some clients but that was a real waste of thousands of dollars. It was only after I signed the contract was I told you should only market to a list of people you know. I could have done that for free. Go figure.
I’m sharing my experience because I’m a small business owner and I really understand the financial toll it can take to build your business and your brand.
If you’re an Entrepreneur new agent, or small business owner, you have to budget every penny. It’s very frustrating when everyone says they can help you but want you to spend thousands of dollars to help. I decided to take control of how I build my business and how much money I spend doing it, so I invested some money, and made the time to study and learned Lead Generation.
You may want to be like me and do your own lead generating or you could hire me to do it for you. Either way I’m happy to help. I will show you the software I use and what I have done to build my business and generate clients. I’m not rich yet but I’m on my way and my business is becoming known a little bit more each day.
If your looking for an inexpensive way to build your client list and your brand, I would like to help. I personally know how much time it takes and how expensive it can be. I have the tools to help and I will make the time to do it.
Take a look below and see the different ways I can generate traffic to your business and let me know how I can help you. Then schedule a consultation or contact me.

Lead Generation

Using email, text messaging, blog content, voice broadcasting, and radio broadcasting. You tell us what you want and we'll make it happen.

Landing Pages & Ads

Built for you, with your company message. Using videos, and funnels to direct your target prospect where you want them to go.

Social Media Marketing

We are partnered with a full service CG animation studio.Heavenly Films Media offers video production solutions to help you resolve all of your marketing challenges.

Video Creation

YouTube, Kinetic, Whiteboard, E-Commerce, Instagram and much more. You name it we can create it to add to your website for marketing.

Blog Content

Want to create a Blog but don't know how or have the time? We will create a blog for your business and post the content. Or you can purchase the software and do it yourself.

Website Design

Can be very expensive, and there's so many nuances associated with it. We can build it for you, create ads with funnels to generate traffic and attract the clients your looking for.

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